BOOK REVIEW | Beat the Rain by Nigel Jay Cooper


2.5/5 stars

From the publisher:
Louise, grieving the death of her lover Tom, does the only thing she can think of to make the pain go away – she marries his twin brother Adam. But letting go of her past isnt as easy as she thought. After a seemingly chance encounter with a charming stranger called Jarvis, all of their lives begin to unravel. Beat The Rain is a moving and vulnerable psychological thriller, depicting the reality of a relationship in decline. At times humorous, at times heartbreaking, it explores what it means to live, to love and to lose.

My thoughts:
Beat the Rain is a quick read that takes a deep look into relationships, specifically long term relationships. Louise is shattered when her husband Tom dies, and ultimately finds comfort in his identical brother, Adam. Louise and Adam get swept up into a whirlwind romance, and before long they are married with a family of their own.

Not surprisingly, building a relationship around something so tragic ultimately leads to questions about their relationship. The introduction of a character named Jarvis forces Louise and Adam to confront certain realities of their relationship.

I liked this book, and the story was engaging enough to keep reading, but I did find myself rolling my eyes at times. Some of the plot twists felt unnatural to me, as did much of the prose. It’s sad and tragic with no likeable characters. That said, I understand Nigel’s intent and this book is unique – I’ve never read anything quite like it.

A huge thanks to NetGalley and Roundfire for the copy!